Hey website readers,

We got home from our little mini tour about a week ago and here’s the wrap up report:

-Christian is officially the Justin Bieber of the band

-Sorry Said The Whale for drinking all your beers in London

-Thanks Said The Whale for taking us on the road. You’re our new best friends.

-Chains of Love are also our new best friends

-We filmed a music video under an overpass with skateboards, tarps, cool guitars, and british-looking clothes.

-Downsides: bit by a dog, robbed, spent all money on snacks, lost cell phones, two hours sleep after Quebec city show, too much noisy garage rock in the van, too much Kate Bush in the van, flat tire in Toronto, late for everything, etc etc just normal band stuff who cares.

-Upsides: we want to tour again so bad. Someone take us!!!! We have some fans, people cheered, we got to play a sold out show at the Great Hall, London and Hamilton were amazing, a very spicy meal from a generous hosting Ledwell (maybe too spicy???), saw a new sunnier side of Saint John, spoke acceptable French in Quebec City, etc etc.

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So now we wait to see whats in store for the summer – if I knew I would tell you. Music video soon, vinyls coming in soon, we’ll have to get new tshirts cuz we sold like a million on the road. Look out for your local slacker rocker wearing a Boxer t shirt.

La Direction

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Debut at #13 on Earshot National Charts

Check THIS out: http://www.earshot-online.com/charts/

We hit the road last week and played in Saint John NB and Halifax NS with Said The Whale – we got to see a new side of Saint John that is called the Market Square and we love it. We showed off a bit on stage but I don’t think anybody was mad about it. There was a guy in Saint John who Jeremy called “crazy” but he didn’t mean psychotic, just energetic and funny. Said The Whale let us use all their gear and we love them for that. We have our own gear but its usually broken and taking it on the road is a pain in the back (some amps are heavier than others). There have also been about a billion reviews made of our album, maybe I’ll list those here when I’m done this message. Most of em are positive but you can see for yourself. What we’ve learned: people know we like Pavement, some people think Jeremy sings like Ben Gibbard, everybody likes Bridge to the USA more than we expected, etc. Finally, we’re starting the big part of our tour tomorrow by playing at the Wave in Charlottetown – please come out and show Said The Whale that people actually might like us in our home province. Check out our shows section for the other dates. All you DJs out there, spin that record we wanna get to #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s the reviews/interviews list:


Ride The Tempo

The Cadre (PEI)

Music Nerd

Buying Shots For Bands
Snob’s Music (Toronto)


Uptown Magazine

Porkblarg – Five Reasons To Buy Boxer The Horse’s French Residency


The Fulcrum (Ottawa)

Austin Town Hall (Texas)


There are more but that’s enough for now. See you at the Wave



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French Res Release Show

So in case you didn’t notice yet we got a new record out. In other news, we’re releasing that record this week at The Legion in Charlottetown on Pownall Street with our best friends Milks and Rectangles and other best friends Money In The Banana Stand.

We went to see English Words and Two Hours Traffic on St Paddy’s day – damn those bands are good. Get with the program and go see them every time they play.

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March Madness

Hey guys – Jeremy did a quick Q and A with CBC as part of French Residency being Radio 3′s Featured Album. Check it out here: http://music.cbc.ca/#/Radio3/blogs/2012/3/-QA-with-Boxer-the-Horse-5-PEI-artists-you-should-be-listening-to

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Stream French Residency for free

You can listen to French Residency on Exclaim! now and its 100% free and legal. There is no moral dilemma! There is no guilt! Share it with your friends! Share it with your fellow bloggers!

This will be on the front page of Parez Hilton in no time.


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Pre-Order our record and New Tour Dates

French Residency is gonna come out on March 13th 2012 and we’re giving you the option of pre ordering it to ENSURE that it’s in your mailbox on that day (or maybe the day before). You’ll also get a link to download the record and a special unavailable-anywhere-else b-side called Two Times Is Never Enough (this link will be emailed to you on March 13th). As soon as you pre-order, you get a free download of the first single Rattle Your Cage. $10 on our bandcamp page!!


In other news – we have a tour coming up with our good friends Said The Whale. This is their first new record since they won a Juno and we’re joining them on these shows:

March 27 | Saint John, NB | Peppers Pub
March 28 | Halifax, NS | Reflections Cabaret (tickets)
April 5 | Charlottetown, PEI | UPEI
April 6 | Moncton, NB | The Manhattan (tickets)
April 7 | Fredericton, NB | Charlotte St Arts Centre*
April 8 | Quebec City, QC | Le Cercle
April 10 | Montreal, QC | Le Divan Orange
April 11 | Ottawa, ON | Ritual (16+) (tickets)
April 12 | Hamilton, ON | This Ainʼt Hollywood*
April 13 | Toronto, ON | The Great Hall* presented by 102.1 the Edge (tickets)
April 14 | London, ON | London Music Hall (Lounge)*

Come out and see us!! We’ll have our new record with us and we’ll play it 4 U.

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The biggest news in a long time!

Read here for details

Or you could read what I have to say: We have a new record coming out in March and its called French Residency (for many minor and subtle reasons pertaining to things that you may or may not wish to know). Here’s the album cover:

"venus de milo"

French Residency = Kings of the world

Okay so you had a look and now you wanna know more? Well please turn your gaze to the left, where there are some ladies splashing in the river. Now to the right where a man attempts a chin-up by the promenade. Here’s a close-up of it: RATTLE YOUR CAGE

This record will come out in March.  Check back for updates.


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